Why Do You Need A Wheel Alignment Or Balancing Services For Your Car?
  • When Driving, Vehicle Pulls To Right Or Left
  • While Driving On A Level Road, Steering Wheel Is Not Straight
  • Steering Feels Unstable
  • You Can Feel Vibration In The Steering Wheel
  • Tires Are Wearing Unevenly
  • Tires Squeal During Turns
Recommended Alignment Intervals:
  • Every 2 Years Or 24,000 Miles
  • For A New Vehicle We Recommend Checking Tire Wear Within The First 5,000 Miles – And Correct Possible Alignment Issues At The Expense Of Manufacturer To Correct Possible Defects
  • With A Purchase And Installation Of New Tires
  • After A Collision Or An Accident
  • With Installation Of New Suspension Or Steering Parts
  • Following A Transaxle Repair On Front-Wheel-Drive Cars
  • Also, Please Check Tire Wear After Hitting A Large Pothole Or A Curb
Recommended Alignment Intervals:
  • Computerized Custom Wheel Alignment (Done Taking In Account Driving Conditions Of The Car And Owners Preferences)